Here at Saturn Imagineering, we are always keeping our ‘fingers on the pulse’ when it comes to the latest news happening in the visitor attraction world. One story that really caught our eye recently was the increasing usage of virtual queuing systems, especially at Universal Studios Resort Orlando. In the past, they have used their premium queue skipping service Express Pass, but in recent years they have started to develop technology that has given Disney’s MyMagic reservation system a run for its money.

Volcano Bay opened on the 25th May 2017 to rave reviews and has been dubbed Universal’s third theme park at the Florida property. This ‘Water Theme Park’ has taken the concept of a water park to a brand-new level, and has been developed with no queue lines due to the Tapu Tapu system they have developed. This essentially puts you in a virtual queue while you enjoy other areas of the water park. The attraction is hugely popular, and the virtual queue system seems to have been a huge hit with the visitors, as you can spend more time enjoying the pools, uniquely themed lazy rivers and, of course, more importantly spending their money in the shops and restaurants.

Do we think that the concept of a Virtual Queue could work everywhere? Our answer would be potentially no, however, an attraction that is developed with the virtual queue system in place could very much be a success. Trying to overlay a similar system at an existing attraction would mean visitors may have long waits for things to do, with no attractions to experience while they are waiting in the virtual queue. In its current form, the system is still very experimental, but as time continues, we may see this be incorporated into more and more visitors attractions worldwide.  

Credit to Orlando Informer ( for the image.